How to Find a Reputable Chimney Sweep in Your Area

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Nothing beats the warmth from an open fire that is burning steadily in a home. However, wood stoves, chimneys, and fireplaces require proper care and regular maintenance, which helps protect your family and loved ones from carbon-monoxide poisoning and fires. That is why you need to critically consider hiring a reputable fireplace inspection and cleaning equipment company to conduct inspections and perform routine maintenance.

What Should I Look For in a Chimney Sweep?

So, how do you know that the sweep you are hiring is competent enough? What do you look for when finding the right sweep for your fireplace? We live in a competitive marketplace where every company claims to be the best. While there are many reliable sweep companies out there, not all can be trusted. here are the few factors to consider when choosing a professional.

Excellent reviews: Reviews are an essential tool in establishing whether a company is doing a good job or not. It is the same reviews that we use when buying products online. Therefore, make sure your sweeper has good ratings as well as more positive reviews.

CSI Certification: Any certified chimney sweeper must have a CSI certification issued after training. Ask for proof of this certification before engaging in any business or allowing anyone in your home.

Insurance: Since sweeping is a critical job that requires a stranger entering your home, you need to make sure that the company you are hiring has insurance that will offer full coverage in case of damage or loss in your home.

Identification: Any contractor that comes to work in your home should have proper identification before commencing any work. If your supposed sweep does not offer proper identification to their employees, that could be a red flag as most reputable companies provide badges with ids and names just in case anything happens.

How Much Does it Cost to Have Your Chimney Sweep?

Chimney sweeps usually charge per job. Assuming there are no significant blockages like a huge bird’s nest or a trapped bird inside, the task is pretty straightforward. On average, a pro will cost you about $50 to $100 depending on the professional you choose. The process takes a very short time, especially if there is enough space to carry out the task–pushing and running brushes through the lengthy area to clean and clear any obstructions that could affect the smooth running of the fireplace.

If your chimney is damaged or has sustained severe damage like a dead bird forming a blockage atop it, you may need to replace your cowl to prevent other objects and animals from falling inside or getting trapped. A cowl can easily cost you between $30 and $50 depending on where you are, where you buy, the design, material, and other considerations. Hiring someone to fix it can cost you about $100 to $200 depending on the accessibility of the area.

When Should You Hire a Chimney Sweep?

While there is no specific time of the year to clean your fireplace, regular maintenance ensures that your fireplace runs smoothly all winter long. Most people prefer to check their chimney just before winter kicks in to deal with any problems and obstructions before the cold season begins. That means checking once a year can be a good idea, but checking every season is even better to avoid incurring huge costs that could have quickly been taken care of by the routine check-ups.

Hiring a sweep to inspect and clean it every once in awhile is a prudent decision, especially if you like lighting fires during late Autumn and early spring when the cold is starting and ending.

When Should You Hire A Chimney Sweep

What Does a Chimney Sweep Involve?

Like we already mentioned, chimney sweeping is quite a straightforward job that will take a few hours, if not minutes, to complete. The inspection and sweeping can be done at the same time, depending on the condition. If proper cleaning is conducted, routine check-ups may follow depending on the arrangements you make with your company.

Final Thoughts

Chimney inspection and cleaning are critical for any homeowner who value the warmth of a fireplace. Cleaning helps unblock and remove unwanted objects that could lead to obnoxious odors.

Chimney Draft Doctor is a certified business that is made up of individuals that value and pride themselves in offering professional advice to homeowners and the right equipment needed to give their chimneys proper maintenance. Feel free to contact us for inspection bookings, equipment rental or more information.

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