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Chimney Draft Doctor is a business made up of people who pride themselves on providing expert advice to homeowners as well as the equipment needed to take care of chimneys. We also train technicians to diagnose and fix those problems.

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Virtual Chimney Inspections

Virtual inspections conducted via camera or streaming video from a cell phone a convenient way to make sure your fireplace is in good working order—and to identify problems before they become worse. Our inspection services follow the guidelines set by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.
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There are three different levels of inspection, covering routine situations, when changes are made to a system and/or when a property is sold, and potentially dangerous situations. Our staff can recommend and perform the proper level of inspection needed for your fireplace.

Fireplace Inspection Services

We also offer in-person inspection services for fireplaces. Inspections allow us to recommend and handle needed maintenance, including:

  • Chimney sweeping, which removes soot and ash so that buildups do not become large and problematic.
  • Cleaning of the entire unit, which restores the appearance and functionality.
  • Repairs to crowns. A damaged crown can let damaging rainwater or even animals into your stack.
  • Repairs to like tuckpointing. This replaces the mortar between the bricks of a firebox area that has been in service for a long period of time.
  • Firebox restoration, rebuilding the firebox which repairs the area in which the wood burns.
  • Animal removal, which we perform in a safe way. This service protects both the animal and your home from harm.
  • Replacement or repair of damaged caps and covers. Chimneys that have cap problems are quite vulnerable to further damage, so we take steps to mitigate that.

To sum up, our inspections work as a way to identify and fix problems that may otherwise pose safety and performance problems.

Chimney Technical Consulting

Additionally, technical consulting is available from Chimney Draft Doctor. We help technicians launch and advance their careers, and whether you’re already a professional or not, we can provide advice in numerous areas. For example, we’ve solved aerodynamic problems such as a fireplace, which was more than a century old, that did not get along with a home’s central air conditioning and heat system. The solution was to extend the front of the fireplace. We also have identified tricky problems with lintel areas and countless other issues. Boost your sweeping career.

Chimney Sweeping Equipment Rentals

A do-it-yourself approach is possible for some aspects of cleaning, but the average homeowner is unlikely to have the necessary equipment sitting around. That’s where our equipment rentals come in, which provide you with the equipment needed to thoroughly clean your wood burning system. Our rental packages cover everything you need, including the equipment itself, the filter required to operate it, and shipping.

Chimney inspections identify problems with your chimney before they worsen, and they also prevent buildup of residue like creosote. In general, chimney inspection and cleaning can cost up to $350. Keep in mind that the cost of your inspection is based on factors like the accessibility of your roof, the type of chimney your home has, and what kind of cleaning is needed.

Chimney Draft Doctor offers virtual and remote chimney inspections at just $75. A virtual inspection is an affordable way to determine if your chimney requires cleaning so you can prevent dangerous fires and other safety issues. The low price for inspection gives you peace of mind without an inspector ever showing up at your home.

A virtual chimney inspection could not be easier. It requires just a cell phone camera. Streaming video or taking photos will help an inspector determine if your fireplace is safe. A professional on the other end of the conversation identifies potential problems and safety hazards. A member of the team will determine if you need a professional to clean the chimney, remove nests, or fix any damage.

Ultimately, a virtual inspection helps you identify problems early thanks to guidelines established by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Your chimney should undergo inspection regularly, but certain circumstances mean your chimney should undergo more frequent inspections. For example, your chimney should be inspected after you make changes to your home or when you buy or sell a property.

A professional will ask you some questions about your home and chimney before determining which level of inspection is right for you. In some cases, an in-person inspection and cleaning are necessary. If somebody does come out to perform maintenance, the professional may perform chimney sweeping, clean out the unit, and make repairs to the physical structure.
When you take part in a virtual chimney inspection, it is important to take high-quality pictures that can be used for diagnosis. A professional needs pictures of the chimney’s exterior, the fireplace exterior, the firebox, and the flue. In some cases, your inspector will require additional photos to make the best possible assessment.

Many people do not believe that they do not need a chimney inspection because they do not use their fireplace. It actually does not matter how often you use your fireplace. A lot can happen in your fireplace and chimney over the course of a year.

For instance, sometimes animals make nests in chimneys. You could have birds, raccoons, and squirrels living in your chimney, and you might not even realize it until you try to light a fire on a cold day.

Chimneys can also deteriorate quickly without inspection or maintenance, making them unsafe for use. A chimney full of soot can actually cause a fire in the chimney that spreads throughout the rest of the house.

Soot that builds up over time can be very acidic. The acid breaks down the structure of your chimney, which can shorten its lifespan and lead to faster deterioration. If you can look in your chimney and see a soot buildup, an inspection could save you a lot of time and trouble in the future.

According to The National Fire Protection Association, your chimney should be inspected once a year. An inspection should include the chimney, fireplace, and vent. The goal of your inspector is to examine structural integrity, clearances, and potential deposits in the area. Even if you don’t use the fireplace all year, the inspection timeline still stands.

A virtual inspection from one of our technicians is included at no charge. You can also purchase a written report following that inspection.