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A chimney should be cleaned if the build up is more than a 1/8" of an inch thick and anything over a 1/4" of an inch is considered a fire hazard

Before cleaning it was 1/2" inch thick

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Customers ask all the time how often should the fireplace be cleaned.

It all depends on three things.

  1. How much wood do you burn?
  2. What kind of wood are you burning?
  3. What type of system do you have?


How do you tell if your fireplace needs to be cleaned.

How thick is the Creosote on the back wall, damper or in the smoke chamber. If it is 1/8 of inch or more. Your system needs to be cleaned or inspected.

A strong odor in your house when you have not been burning a fire.

Smoke coming back into the house when using it.

Have the Chimney Draft Doctor Inspect your system using your phone. Call and  Schedule an appointment.


Another question that customers ask is what type of wood should I burn.

We recommend harder wood it is better for your system. Hardwood burns hotter and longer an it has less smoke. The manufactured logs like (Duraflame) are soaked in Paraffin/Wax the wax builds up faster so we recommend after 10 of the manufactured logs that you burn a wood fire to burn off the excess wax.

The Chimney Sweeping logs.

They do work but it depends on the type of buildup you have in your system. The logs only work on third degree creosote. They don't tell you that. (Caveat Emptor) The chemical in the log loosens the third degree creosote but it is in small print they also say on the packaging (we recommend you call a chimney sweeping professional. The logs only work on the third degree creosote. Caveat emptor: May the buyer beware.

How to start your wood burning system.
  • Make sure the fire great is in the center and it is to the back wall and the damper is open.
  • Start by putting kindling on the grate leaving space between the kindling for air flow. Kindling is 1 to 1  1/2 inch diameter sticks.
  • Put another row of kindling the opposite direction leaving space between the kindling. You may need a third row.
  • Now put newspaper underneath the great.
  • Crack a door or window 2 or 3 inches until the fire is burning.


Now you can start the fire.
  • You may need to warm up the flue by rolling up newspaper and burning it like a candle.
  • Put the remaining paper you were burning underneath the great with the rest of the paper.
  • Burn kindling for the first 15 minutes and then you can put bigger logs in.

Now you can enjoy the fire in your fireplace.

Safety tips
  1. Does everyone know how to get out of the house in case of a fire. (Especially the children)
  2. Do you have smoke detectors and are they working.
  3. Do you have a fire extinguisher. 60% of all fires happen in the kitchen so put the fire extinguisher in the pantry or garage away from the kitchen. Mount your fire extinguisher so it can be easily found.

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